The Definition of Terrorism

February 3, 2010

I was suprised by  all of the statistics this article had. Only 16 terrorists attacks in the  middle east in the year 2000? Zero in the United States? I believe this is inaccurate and it is inaccurate because not one person can clearly define the word terrorism. The article talks about a book  that discusses about the UN and other international bodies to define terrorism and tries to define the word, but throughout its three volumes and nearly 2,000 pages it never reaches a firm conclusion as to what terrorism is.

I believe the article was greatly written. It hit many aspects of terrorism and data behind it. It lists many examples as to what was and wasn’t considered terrorists attacks like the Colombian pipeline workers. The conclusion also works wonderfully giving a definition that I think many can agree on. Terrorism is violence committed by those we disapprove of.


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